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How to prepare for an interview
How to prepare for an interview
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It's great to be invited to an interview! 👏

Here are some tips to help you prepare:

  1. Read about the company - This will help you identify the main reasons that you want to work there. Make sure that you know what they do and who their customers are.

  2. Prepare for common interview questions - Create a short list of your skills which are relevant for the job.

  3. Dress appropriately - It’s important to wear an interview appropriate outfit which demonstrates that you are suitable for the role. Smart casual is a perfectly acceptable option. Note: If you’re not sure what to wear, you can message the employer to ask if they have any specific outfit requirements.

  4. ⏰ Be on time - After you set an interview date and time, don’t forget to add it to your calendar and set a reminder. Avoid being late by checking the journey time in advance and making sure that you leave early enough.

Important note: If you are no longer interested in the job and have scheduled an interview, please make sure that you send a message to the employer in advance to let them know. 

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