How to write a great job post
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Here you have some recommendations about how you can make the most of a job posting on Job Today to get the best quality applicants. 

Writing an effective job posting that will attract bright and enthusiastic applicants is not as easy as it may seem. You have to keep in mind that potential applicants should want to work for you as much as you want to hire them.

When creating a job posting, you will be asked to fill out various fields of information:

  1. 🗂️ Job Category
    Make sure you select the job category that best fits the role. If the job you are posting doesn't fit any of our categories, we recommend selecting “Other” as the category.

  2. 📄 Job Description
    It is important that you explain exactly what the role is about in the job description, you can include the specific tasks, the working environment and even the benefits the employee will have within the role. This is your chance to attract serious and reliable applicants. Your description will make all the difference to them.

  3. 🏭 Company “About Info”
    How does your company stand out from the rest? You can provide a brief company history and talk about your company values, culture, and achievements. Candidates will respect you and your company will gain credibility.

  4. 📷 Photo
    Always include a photo on your job posting. It doesn’t have to be a professional photo, you can take a photo of your business on your phone or even use the company logo. The visual factor is crucial and will make your posting stand out among the rest.

  5. ⏰ Hours, Wages, and Availability
    Be sure to include as much information as possible on your posting, including the working hours, when the position is available and the hourly salary. This will provide the candidates with all the practical information they need to consider applying for your posting. Having all of this information readily available builds trust between the employer and applicant from day one.

It is equally important to be responsive when candidates write to you, be sure to reply quickly and answer their questions. And why not take the opportunity to ask about their experience in more detail? This will help you get to know them a bit before inviting them to an interview.

We believe that taking a little extra time to make a great posting makes a colossal difference. Follow our advice and see for yourself! 

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