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What are the rules when posting a job?
What are the rules when posting a job?
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Our goal is to facilitate the communication between employers and candidates for the purpose of finding a job and hiring staff.


Therefore, we do not accept ads that are not for jobs.

✅ All job posts on the Job Today platform must:

  • Be posted by a real company which is subject to verification

  • Have clear and complete job descriptions and titles

  • Advertise a salary conforming with the National Minimum Wage or above

  • Not contain inappropriate or discriminatory content on grounds of appearance, age, gender etc.

  • Not contain contact details such as phone number or email address

  • Not contain weblinks

⭕ Remember that we do not accept the following:

  • Multilevel, Network Marketing

  • Catalogue sales with or without initial investment

  • Betting, Forex, Cryptocurrency, etc.

  • Jobs offering a partnership, collaboration, or franchisee

  • Jobs that require upfront payments (e.g., renting premises for work)

  • Jobs with sexual, inappropriate, or discriminatory content

  • Jobs related to modelling


🚫 If we detect that your company does not comply with any of the above, your account may be temporarily or permanently suspended.

We may ask you to provide details about your company to verify your account.

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