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How can I create a great CV / Resume?
How can I create a great CV / Resume?
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Your Job Today CV is the best way for employers to learn more about you before they invite you to an interview or trial shift. It is presented in a crystal clear and dynamic way, allowing employers to review your application easily and quickly.

When your profile is complete and clear, it helps employers see that you are professional, reliable, and committed to finding a job. Whether you have many years of experience, or you're a student without work experience - the more complete your profile is, the more interviews you're likely to be invited to.

Create a great CV / Resume

A great profile includes:

  1. Short summary. Write a short description of maximum 240 characters highlighting what you do/want to do, your interests or hobbies, or anything else you think employers would want to know about you.

  2. Experience. If you have work experience, make sure to add it here. You will need to include the job role, company name, position, and duration. You can also include any volunteer work or internships.

  3. Languages. Add any languages and indicate the level of your proficiency. Not sure which level to select? Check out these guidelines:

    • Basic – simple and direct exchange of information

    • Intermediate – regular interaction with native speakers without too many difficulties

    • Advanced or higher – express ideas spontaneously and effectively for work purposes, or it's your mother tongue or close to it

  4. Education. Add any degree, diploma, certificate, course or online learning that you have completed. You can also include any training that you have done, including on-the-job training.

  5. Profile Photo. A profile photo is not required, but a good profile is even better with a great photo. Your photo should be a head and shoulders shot with a plain background (for example, a white wall). And don’t forget to smile! 😃 

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