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How can I check if my Job Today CV / Resume is complete?
How can I check if my Job Today CV / Resume is complete?
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Filling out your Job Today profile gives you the opportunity to impress employers and stand out from the crowd. 😎

If you have not yet filled in your entire profile, when you click on the Profile section of the app, you will see a yellow banner on your profile with the text: Boost CV: X steps left. (The "X" shows a number corresponding to the number of incomplete sections).

Complete CV

Here’s how to modify or add more information:

  1. Go to your Profile and click on Edit

  2. If any of the fields have not yet been filled in, you will see a blue button like the one in the image below (with the text that corresponds to the field that has not yet been filled in):

    Employment type
  3. Add information for any incomplete sections

  4. Click Save

  5. Click Done once you have finished all sections

Your profile will no longer show the yellow banner if it has been completed.

Note: You can always update your profile by clicking Edit in the top right corner of your Profile

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