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How to stay safe in the platform
How to stay safe in the platform
Updated over a week ago

If you notice any suspicious behaviour, please get in touch with us directly! 

We would like to remind you of some basic safety rules: 

  1. Do not send any scans or photos of personal documents under any circumstances.

  2. 💰 Do not pay any fees. Legitimate employers shouldn't ask you to pay for anything in advance.

  3. Do not give access details to your payment accounts (e.g., eBay or PayPal). No employer should ask you for them.

  4. Keep your communication with employers inside our chat (avoid going to WhatsApp, Skype or any other external means of communication that may expose you and leave you vulnerable)

  5. Trusted employers often use an email address with their company domain. For example, Job Today team members use Please always check that their email matches the employer's domain address.

  6. No employer should invite you to attend a job interview in an unusual location (e.g., public transport, any indoor or outdoor public location).

  7. We always recommend looking up the employer on the internet to make sure they are legitimate. You can look up their website and:

✅ This way you check that they are a registered company

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