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What does "Standby Mode" mean, when I want to cancel my subscription?
What does "Standby Mode" mean, when I want to cancel my subscription?
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Please note that in order to be able to chat with candidates, you need to have an active subscription, even to talk to the ones you have previously unlocked. 

Therefore, if you want to cancel your subscription, but still want to talk to the candidates you have already unlocked, we offer you the Standby Mode, which allows you to continue contacting candidates without having to pay for your subscription in full. By activating this mode, you will be charged a very small fee periodically, starting only from the expiry date of your plan.  To activate it, you must go through the steps to cancel your subscription, where you will be given the option to choose Standby Mode.

🔸 Important: If you activate the Standby Mode before the expiration date of your plan, and deactivate it also before that date, the Standby Mode will be disabled, and your subscription will restart and continue to be charged periodically until you cancel it.

When you have activated your Standby Mode, you can reactivate your subscription at any time to unlock new chats → Note: this cancels the Standby Mode and resumes the subscription with its respective periodic charge.

How to cancel the Standby Mode

⏰ If you have finished hiring, you can cancel the Standby Mode, and once you have unsubscribed, it will remain active until its expiry date.

After this date, your account will not be charged again.

To unsubscribe from the Standby Mode, go to your Company ProfileSubscriptionsStandby Mode → Cancel.

If you encounter any difficulties unsubscribing or unsubscribing from Standby Mode, please contact us.

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