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Can I share my subscription and my hiring process with other company team members?
Can I share my subscription and my hiring process with other company team members?
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You can activate a Shared Subscription from your employer account in order to share your paid plan with other company team members. 

This means that all members of your team will spend contacts included in a subscription plan. You can find this feature in your Profile in the app or in the tab My Company on the web.

Shared Subscriptions

👉 Here's how it works:

  • You can invite anybody you would like to, but they will need to create a new Job Today account to join your company. To do this, you have the tool "invite a team member". This option will create an invitation link. If you need to invite several people, you will have to repeat this step for each person, as the link can only be used once. The link expires after 3 days, but don't worry, if they haven't used it, you can create a new one.

  • Once the person has accepted your invitation by creating an account with the link you sent, they will be part of your company and will have access to the company profile, being able to edit it, and to the subscription.

  • Any team member can purchase a subscription or pay for a highlight.

  • All subscription contacts are available to be spent by any team member, and cannot be limited by individual.

  • Your team members won't see neither your jobs nor applicants and chats.

  • By default, invited team members don't have permissions to manage other team members. You can choose who can be the company Admins, and can manage team members or delete users from your company in the "Profile / My company" section of the app.

  • If you delete a team member, their account will be deactivated, and they will no longer be able to log in. All of their jobs and applicants will be transferred to you and all of their chats will be deleted.

🔶 Can any member of my team cancel my company’s subscription?

It depends on how the subscription was purchased:

  • If it was done with your personal App Store or Google Play account, then only you can cancel it from your mobile phone settings.

  • If the subscription was purchased with a credit card from the website, then any member of your team can cancel it on the Job Today web.

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