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Set your Screening Questions to better manage your applicants
Set your Screening Questions to better manage your applicants
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You can better manage your applicants by adding Screening Questions to each one of our jobs and filter those who best fit the requests for your vacancy. 

When you post a new job, you will be prompted to set up your Screening Questions during the process. You can also skip this step and do it later.

When adding your Screening Questions, you can set whether you want candidates to be automatically shortlisted or rejected based on their answers.

You can add/edit your Screening Questions by following these steps either in the app or on the website:

  • Log into your employer account

  • Go to My Jobs and click on Active

  • Identify the ad you want to add/edit screening questions for and click on the 3 dots […] in the top-right corner of the add

  • Click on Edit Screening Questions

  • You can add questions if you didn't do it before, or you will see the questions you have already added, and be able to edit them. You can also add/remove questions.

Edit Screening Questions

  • Click on Next, to configure the way you want to manage the candidates.

  • Under the Manage your Applicants screen, you can select if you want to automatically shortlist/reject candidates based on their answers. Click on Next to save all the changes.

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