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How can I delete a chat with an employer?
How can I delete a chat with an employer?
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If you wish to organize your chats' list, you can delete some of your old chats.

Please note that once you have deleted the chats, you will not be able to see the users in your chat list. In order to contact them, you will need to find them on Search and start a new conversation.

To delete a chat from the app:

  1. Go to Chat 💬

  2. Select the chat that you wish to delete

  3. Swipe the chat to the left

  4. Select Delete

Note: If you selected a chat by mistake, just swipe back to the right.

Important: If you delete a chat, your name will still appear in the user's chat history, and they'll still be able to contact you. If you want to prevent a user from contacting you, please block the user by following the former steps and selecting Block. Then you'll need to confirm the reason for blocking the user. 

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