What happens after I apply?
Updated over a week ago

After you submit an application, the employer will be notified about your application and will review your application and Job Today CV.

👍 If the employer is interested they may Shortlist your application.

If the employer is not interested in your application, you will be informed about it in the chat that will automatically open with the employer for your application.

It’s a good idea to message the employer via chat to ask for more details about the position, or book an interview/trial shift.

😎 This will show that you are motivated for the role!

Here are 3 top tips after being shortlisted:

  1. Stay online and try to react instantly - check that your push notifications are turned on, so you can read new messages instantly.

  2. Be proactive - you can message an employer to thank them for reviewing your application and ask for further details about the role. Show your enthusiasm!

  3. Be Patient - employers receive dozens of applications, so they may not reply to everyone. Try not to send too many messages and make sure that you're always polite and professional. 

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