Do I need a subscription in order to contact candidates?

When you register your employer account on JOB TODAY, you can:
  • Post a vacancy 🚀
  • Receive applications to your job, screen, and shortlist candidates
  • Set up your screening questions to filter out the most relevant candidates for your job
  • Receive recommendations for candidates with a suitable profile
  • Get access to our database of more than 8 Million candidates and search for people matching your requirements
You’ll need to get one of our FAST subscriptions, so you could also:
  • Chat with candidates, make a video call or call them straight away
  • Post as many jobs as you need.

With FAST, you'll be able to contact a number of candidates - depending on your plan - every 30 days. (1 contact = 1 chat, 1 video call or 1 phone number unveiled). 

E.g: If you start a 30-day subscription on the 8th of the current month, you will get the same amount of contacts every month, on the 8th of the following month. If you're in need of more contacts, you have the possibility to buy single chats, so you don't miss any interesting candidate until your credits get renewed.

We also offer PRO plans for employers with high hiring needs.

Please keep in mind that our FAST subscriptions renew automatically, but you are free to cancel your subscription at any time, even from DAY ONE! And you will still benefit for the entire period you have purchased! 

Do you require more information? We’ll be thrilled to help! 🤗 

Please, get in touch!