How can I recover expired candidates?

If you have a Free account:

Please keep in mind that the applications run out after 24 hours and you are not able to recover the lost candidates after this time. We recommend checking the platform regularly so you don't miss out on any good candidates. 

You can carry out any of the following 3 actions within the first 24 hours to avoid losing the candidates:
  1. Send them a message, so they will appear in your chat history
  2. Shortlist the candidates you want to interview, and they will be automatically notified that they have been preselected
  3. Reject candidates that will be automatically notified that they have not been shortlisted

If you have a Premium account:

- You could access your expired candidates whenever you need it. 

To get in touch with applicants:

From the app:
  1. Log in with your employer details 
  2. Click on My jobs and chose the job from which you would like to recover candidates
  3. Once you have opened the job, you’ll see the history: the expired applicants, and the shortlisted and the rejected candidates.

4. Select the list you want to open by clicking on it. Then you'll see a more detailed list with the candidates' photo, location, and profile in order of the most relevant experience

5. Click on the name of the candidate you want to recover. This will take you to their profile and you will be able to start a conversation with them via the chat

From our website:
  1. Log in here with your employer details
  2. Click on My Jobs and then select your active or closed jobs, depending on where you would like to recover candidates

3. You'll see your list of jobs. Select the one you need by clicking on it 

4. On the top, you'll see the following tabs: applied, shortlisted, rejected and expired. Select the tab you want to recover by clicking on it. 

5. Then, you'll see the  list of candidates with their picture, location and the most relevant experience. Click on the name of the candidate you want to recover

6. When you click on the name, the chat window will appear on the right. You can see the candidate's profile and you can contact them via the chat