I have a jobseeker account, but I would like to hire staff

You're currently registered as a jobseeker. 

You'll need to create an employer account in order to be able to post jobs and find candidates.

Please read first the type of jobs you're allowed to post by clicking → HERE

Please follow these steps:

  • From your mobile device:
  1. Go to Profile, click on Log out (at the bottom of the screen) 
  2. Open your app again and click on Hire Staff on the homepage
  3. Choose to continue with your login details (Email, Facebook or Google) 
  4. Go to Create Profile and configure your new account
  • From our website: 
  1. Click here or copy and paste this link into your browser → https://web.jobtoday.com/auth/#/
  2. Click on  "Sign up"
  3. Choose to continue with your login details (Email or Facebook) 
  4. Configure your new account

Once you have created your employer account you can start posting  jobs and looking for candidates.

Please keep in mind that our website doesn't have all the features that we have on our app. If you encounter issues on the website, we recommend you to log into JOB TODAY from the app on your mobile device 😃

If you give us your permission, we can delete the account you have as a jobseeker: get in touch!