Why has my jobseeker account been blocked?

You can't log in to your JOB TODAY jobseeker account if it has been blocked.

It might be due to the fact that it does not comply with our Terms and Conditions

If, in addition to your jobseeker account, you have an employer account:

⭕ Remember that we do not allow:
  • Multilevel, Network Marketing
  • Catalogue sales with or without initial investment
  • Betting, Forex, Cryptocurrency, etc.
  • Jobs offering a partnership, collaboration, or franchisee
  • Jobs that require upfront payments (e.g., renting premises for work)
  • Jobs without payment
  • Jobs with sexual or inappropriate content
  • Creation of multiple accounts
 In the job ads, we do not accept: 
  • Weblinks
  • Unclear job descriptions, lacking details, content, sense, or the job role in the title
  • Publishing your contact details
  • Discrimination on grounds of appearance, age, gender, and others
  • Rude or abusive language

Our goal is to facilitate the communication between employers and candidates for the purpose of finding a job and hiring staff. Therefore, we do not accept ads that are not for jobs.

If you think your account has been blocked by mistake, please get in touch!