How can I upload / change my jobseeker's profile photo?

Please keep in mind that you have to grant access in order to open the photos on your mobile device 📱 

If you have an Android: 

Go to Settings → Apps → JOB TODAY → Permissions → Activate Camera

If you have iOS: 

Go to Settings → Privacy → Photos → JOB TODAY → Click on Read and Write  

To upload or change your profile picture, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Profile
  2. Click on Edit 
  3. Click on the camera icon 📷 (if you have a picture already, you’ll see it in the corner of your picture)
  4. Select a picture from your albums or take a new picture with your camera (the maximum size is 5 MB) 
  5. Click on ☑️

We recommend that you upload a nice photo with a neutral background, as the users with photos have more chances of succeeding - we've seen it for ourselves! 📸