How can I change my employer location?

Currently,  our website version does not have all the functions that you can find on our app. 

To change your location, go to the app and please check the configuration of your location to make sure it's the right one.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Go to your JOB TODAY Profile
  2. Touch Edit
  3. Go to the Location tab
  4. Select your location and touch Save

Some locations don't appear when you search for them, but you can find them if you open the map and  put the blue circle directly on the location you were looking for.

You can also check that you have authorised location access on your device:

If you have an Android: Go to Settings → Applications → JOB TODAY → Permission → Activate the Location option

If you have iOS: Go to Settings → JOB TODAY →  Location → Activate the option When using the app

Once it's done, if you're still having issues with the location settings, please get in touch!