How do I close a job?

From the app:
  1. Click My Jobs
  2. Click on the "..." button in the top right-hand corner of the job post
  3. Click Close Job
  4. Select the reason for closing the job and touch Close Job

From our web:
  1. Go to and login with your details 
  2. Go to My Jobs and then click on Active

3. You'll see your active Jobs. Choose the one you want to close. Then you will see Edit in the top right-hand corner

4. Click on Edit and you will see two more options: Edit Job and Close Job

5. Click on Close Job

6. Then you'll see a dialogue box where you'll have to choose the reason you're closing your job and then you will also have to click on the little box where it says: "Attention! This action CAN'T be undone..." 

7. Then click Close, and it's done!