Can I download and share my JOB TODAY CV / Resume with employers?

Yes, you can share your JOB TODAY CV / Resume ⏩ ✅ 

If an employer asks you to send them your CV / Resume by email through the chat and send an email address, you will automatically see a button to Send your JOB TODAY CV / Resume. If you click on it, your email app will open to send your CV / Resume to the email sent by the employer and a default message (which you can modify) will appear. Your CV / Resume will be sent as a PDF attachment and shared as a link as well. 

This CV / Resume allows the employers to contact you in a simple, yet dynamic way as your contact details will be shown. Please keep in mind that your contact details are always hidden on your JOB TODAY profile page.  

A message will also automatically appear in the chat letting the employer know that your CV / Resume has been sent across. You can modify it if you wish, and then click Send.

Share CV

📱 You can also share your CV / Resume from the App:
  1. Go to Profile
  2. In the top right-hand corner you will see the Share button
  3. Touch it to send your JOB TODAY CV / Resume by email, share it as a link or as a PDF
Share CV
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